Snapshot: The Birdcages at Angel Place

One of my favorite little hidden gems in Sydney is an art installation on Angel Place in the CBD. If you are walked down George Street near Wynyard, you’ve probably noticed the ceiling of birdcages dangling above Angel Place, and if you haven’t, I thought I’d give you a closer look.

Forgotten Songs in Angel Place

The birdcages were originally installed in 2009 as Forgotten Songs, an art installation by Michael Hill focusing on the many bird species that once called Sydney home but were gradually forced to move on as Europeans began to settle Sydney.

The street is lined with stones dedicated to Sydney's birds

The birdcages are accompanied by a soundtrack of bird calls, creating an unlikely, but peaceful, oasis in the middle of the city.

The cages have been galvanised to make this a permanent, and weather resistant, installation.

A birdsong soundtrack accompanies the installation. During the day you can hear the sounds of the White-throated Tree Creeper, the Scarlet Honeyeater, the Scarlet Robin and more.

The soundtrack changes at night to showcase the sounds of the Australian Owlet-nightjar, the White-throated Nightjar, the Powerful Owl and more.

Even though its just off busy George Street, Angel Place seems a world away from the hustle and bustle

If you'd like to hear some of these birdcalls in action, visit to hear a few

Forgotten Songs looking towards George Street

For more information on Forgotten Songs, visit the City of Sydney website.


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