Adventuring Sydneyside: A dog day in the park

Well friends, yesterday was the eagerly anticipated Million Paws Walk – and it was an absolute blast! There were SO many dogs. I seriously had no idea there were so many pups living in the Sydney area!  It was really neat to see so many people bring their pups out for the walk, and I couldn’t help but to laugh at the regular folks who came to the park for their usual Sunday morning run only to discover that the place had completely gone to the dogs. 😉

Even though the canines may have nearly outnumbered the humans, everybody got along just fine and our shy little Luna even made a few friends along the way. After the walk, we visited the vendor stalls and I resisted the urge to by Luna all of the toys….but she did manage get a new jacket, lucky girl.

As promised, here are a few pictures of the walk along with a big THANK YOU to those who donated!


2 thoughts on “Adventuring Sydneyside: A dog day in the park

    • She wasn’t a big fan of the jacket but she humored us and wore it around for awhile. She spent all of last night napping – apparently she isn’t used to so much excitement 😉

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