Snapshot: Future Tense

A little ‘Future Tense’ for the WordPress Photo Challenge this week. For some reason this challenge reminded me of a bit that the late great Mitch Hedberg used to do:

“One time a guy handed me a picture of him and said, ‘Here is a picture of me when I was younger’. Every picture is of you when you were younger.” (2:39)

Anyway since its quite hard to take a picture of the future, I got to thinking that clocks might be a good representation since they tick on into the future regardless if we are ready for it or not. Plus, these photos have been burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak, for way too long. These clocks are astronomical clocks from around the world, which, in addition to telling the time, also tell the position of the sun, moon, and even zodiacal constellations. Plus, they are just plain cool. Enjoy!


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