The ExPat Diary: A hearty welcome to my favorite time of year

Since moving to Sydney, I get asked every so often if I get homesick for The States. The truth is that I absolutely do, and for some reason the feeling is usually strongest when the seasons change. I’m not sure if its because things still feel backwards here, or if its because I feel like I’m missing out on all of the seasonal fun back home. It’s probably a mix of both, but it always results in a few mopey days every couple of months that sees me temporarily longing for things back home.

The worst bout of homesickness always seems to come around October. While everyone back home is enjoying my favorite time of year with its cooler temperatures, colorful trees, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc., I’m here in Sydney watching a beautiful spring turn into a gorgeous summer. I know, I know, how excruciatingly sad for me. It is truly the firstest of all first world problems.

Anyway, when fall (aka autumn) finally makes its way to Sydney I get all kinds of excited. Even though there is no Halloween or Thanksgiving, I can still enjoy the rest of what makes fall my favorite and lately I’ve been dragging poor Alex all over Sydney to take in as many fall-like activities as possible (apple picking, anyone?) Here are a few shots I’ve been taking along the way. Seriously, who needs homesickness when its nearly time for sweater weather??


4 thoughts on “The ExPat Diary: A hearty welcome to my favorite time of year

  1. Homesickness is a primeval emotion, rising unexpectedly from the deep; complex, uncontrollable, lack of cheerfulness; it consumes you and has no immediate antidote, though putting on a sweater can help.
    My own homesickness is always a melancholic ache for the rolling treed landscape of England no matter where I am. I suspect its worse when I’m in a place familiar to me as in the USA and Oz, but not in the dramatic contrast of Arabia or the Far East (from UK)
    Perhaps your water colours subtly portray your tendency for melancholia?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! That is a perfect description of homesickness. It comes in waves and can hit you so unexpectedly. I have to agree that it is worse in a familiar place. Australia can be so similar to the USA, but then again so very different. Actually, the differences can present themselves rather unexpectedly too. In the end though, I think the adventure of living abroad is worth a little homesickness here and there – besides, it is comforting to know there is a place you love that you can return to when the travelling is done. 🙂

  3. I’ve experienced homesickness a couple of times in my life, not because I was in another country, but the feeling is the same I am sure. it is a consuming feeling. So I sympathize completely.

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