Snapshot: Sydney’s Vintage Busses

Bus transportation is pretty important here in Sydney. Though we have CityRail, the subway system that connects the city and suburbs, it’s not nearly as comprehensive as the bus system in the city itself.

An example of the modern Sydney bus.

These busses are everywhere in the city. But if you were out and about on Australia day, you would have noticed some very old double decker busses on the streets as well.

One of the vintage busses making it's way up Bridge Street

To add to the Australia Day festivities, the Sydney Bus Museum operated a route with a few of their vintage busses, giving Sydneysiders an opportunity to ride through the city as they would have 40 years ago.

The vintage route

The vintage busses looked to be a huge hit, and it was fun to see them driving along side their modern equivalents. Here are some shots of these vintage busses in action. Enjoy!

Waiting for the bus

Red waiting for the light to change

Heading down George Street to Circular Quay

Driving up Bridge Street

London Transport in motion

'Town Hall City'


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