Snapshot: Collections II – Ghost Signs

As you may or may not know, I have a bit of a thing for Ghost Signs. They are one of my favorite photographic pursuits and I realized the other day that I’ve actually found a fair number of these since my original post. It sounded like perfect ‘Collections‘ material to me, so here are several Ghost Signs from around the world!

A ghost sign from Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. I can't make out what the sign says (maybe 'Carriage'), though the current tentant's sign is quite easy to read

One of my all time favorites from St. Louis: Panda Paints!

So. Many. Signs! Thank you Pittsburgh!

A Sydney favorite near Pitt Street Mall. "Rex Simpson Fine Clothing for Men"

My all time favorite from St. Louis - I love this one!

"Geo. L. Wilson" in Pittsburgh

Another from St. Louis, "Whitte"

"Peters ice cream" in Sydney near The Rocks

St. Louis is an excellent source of ghost signs. Here's another near The Landing.

"Telesurance House" in Sydney's CBD

Another Pittsburgh sign. I can only make out "Furnishers, Cash, and Credit"

Another interesting one from Harvard Square. It's a hard to make out the words with those newer windows.

Another Whitte! "Whitte Hardware Company" in St. Louis near the Arch

Pittsburgh is another great Ghost Sign city. Here's a newer looking one, "Construction Tool Services"

The current Wax Museum building in St. Louis has this sign. It's a bit hard to make out, but I see "Meyer Co." and "Packing"

One last shot from St. Louis, "Consumers Basket & Box Co."

So, where are your favorite Ghost Signs? Send me a pic or a link and I’ll feature yours in the next round! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Snapshot: Collections II – Ghost Signs

    • Great stuff, Murph! Thanks for the info. I would have never gotten ‘Oxen and Tugkeg’ – wonder what old Sam Chew would think of his building being turned into a Starbucks… 😉

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