Adventuring Sydneyside: A night at the park

Well friends, so far 2013 has brought us tons (heaps!) of visitors. Three different sets so far, actually. So while I have loads of pictures to share, I haven’t had much time to put them together yet. Eh, maybe I’ll get caught up this weekend…

Anyway, this latest round of guests was rather exciting because it included my Mom and her best friend from high school, Norma. It was the first trip to Australia for both and while they may have come for a relaxing vacation, they left needing another in order to recover from all of the running around we did. The good news is that they saw just about as much of Sydney as they possibly could.

Interestingly, this included a trip to Luna Park. I hadn’t initially put it on the official ‘stuff to do’ list, but they saw it in the guide book and really wanted to go. Turns out they were looking to relive some happy childhood memories from another park on the other side of the world that (sadly) isn’t there anymore. Ah, well, it just goes to show you that amusement parks aren’t just for kids. Here are a few shots from their little trip down memory lane. Enjoy!


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