Adventuring Sydneyside: The sounds of Australia

Well friends, I’m happy to say that we have a long weekend coming up here in Australia! My first thought for this long weekend was ‘oh joy, I can finally slay that giant laundry monster that’s been silently gaining strength in the corner of the bedroom’. But, come on, we both know that’s not actually going to happen. What IS going to happen, however, is Australia Day, which is way more interesting anyway.

A few of last year's Australia Day revelers

A few of last year’s Australia Day revelers

I thought I’d help us get in the mood for this year’s celebration with a little music. Some of my friends here have helped me to create what is (hopefully) a (semi) complete list of (some of the) best Australian songs and artists for your listening pleasure.

Maybe it’s just me, but there are quite a few ‘I had no idea they were Australian’ artists on this list (Little River Band? Easybeats? Who Knew?!). I’ll also warn you that there are some stunning omissions thanks to the limits of Spotify (which explains the complete lack of AC/DC – a band that no playlist should be without).

Now here’s the thing: I know that this list isn’t even close to complete, so I’m hoping that you Aussie music fans out there will help to educate me. Leave me a comment below and tell me your favorites that should be added to the list!


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