Snapshot: Beyond (my window seat)

Happy Monday, folks. I’m kicking things off this week with another photo challenge, and I’m pretty excited because this one is allowing me to showcase some of my favorite shots from just beyond my airplane window. The theme this week just so happens to be ‘beyond’, and it had me thinking about ‘the great beyond’ which then got me thinking about travelling, which got me thinking about flying…and, well, you can guess the rest.

Truth be told, I am rather obsessed with taking these airplane seat shots (just ask Alex who never ever gets the window seat anymore). Whether I’m looking down on streets that I walk every day, or getting ready to land in a place I’ve never been before, I absolutely love the view from view from thousands of feet in the air. It gives a perspective you can never get on ground level!

To see more ‘beyond’, please check out WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge post.


10 thoughts on “Snapshot: Beyond (my window seat)

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