Snapshot: It’s a Sign! (Danger Edition)

Folks, I have been grounded. Grounded in the ‘I am not cleared for takeoff to exotic places or day trips to see neat things’ way. You see, over the last several months we’ve been pretty busy playing host to groups of family and friends from the US. Between that and housetraining little Luna, we’ve not had a lot of time to go exploring. Though, on the plus side, I have probably taken more pictures of the Opera House than anyone, ever.

Anyway, this had made constructing today’s post a bit of a challenge, so I started looking back at the archives to get some inspiration. I soon realized that I hadn’t posted an ‘It’s a Sign!’ lately. I then realized that I had a whole new batch of photos to show you. Problem solved!

Now for those of you not in the know, I am an avid collector of interesting signs from around the globe, some of which I have posted here and here. This edition is about the wonderful world of warning signs, our strict and stoic friends who remind us that danger, rules, and the great potential for falling are absolutely everywhere. So Mind the Step, friends…and enjoy.

(click on any image to expand)

By the way, there are many new adventures coming up. In the next few weeks alone I be trying my hand at some water sports, and flying a plane. Oh yes, a plane. So much for being grounded…


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