Snapshot: Illumination in Cusco

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Illumination, and it had me digging through the archives to find a photo I took a while back in Cusco, Peru.

The picture below is from our first night in town. We took it easy during the day, resting and drinking copious amounts of Coca tea to ward off the altitude sickness. Of course, by that evening we were going stir-crazy and decided to explore the town a bit (at an even, steady pace so as not to run out of breath). The picture below was taken that night from the town square. I love how the street lights reflect on the cobblestone streets, and how the lights from people’s homes make the hills shimmer in the distance.


Cusco, Peru at night

As a bonus, I thought I’d include one extra shot from Cusco. On our last morning in town, I took one final walk before our flight to back to Lima and managed to catch the sun peeking through the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo. Nice timing, and a nice view to end our time in Cusco with.

Sunlight shines through the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo

Cathedral of Santo Domingo

If you’d like to see more from Peru (including Machu Picchu), I have tons more pictures here. If you’d like to see more Illuminating pictures from WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, head right over here.

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