Adventuring Sydneyside: On resolutions and the great outdoors

Like many of you, I have several resolutions for 2013. Some of those resolutions are brand new, and others have been around for awhile…you know the ones that tend to follow you from year to year like old friends who are total bad influences but who are too fun to give up. Yeah, I got some of those.

Anyhoo, broken resolutions aside, I do have a new one for this year that I intend to keep: to spend more time outside. I have a few reasons for this. First off, the amount of time I spend inside with some kind of technological device in front of me is probably waaaay too high, but also (and perhaps more importantly), I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t truly enjoy everything Sydney has to offer if you’re not taking advantage of the great outdoors. In just a short drive you can get from the city to beaches, mountains, vast national parks…the list goes on.

So, my hope is that you’ll be seeing many more outdoorsy posts over the coming months because if you do it means that I’m living up to my resolution. To kick things off and to provide some motivation I thought I’d show you some pictures from a recent hike in the Blue Mountains with good friend Allison who came all the way from Pittsburgh to visit. Enjoy – and for all of you Sydneysiders out there – what are some outdoor adventures that I shouldn’t miss?


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