The ExPat Diary: Introducing a new friend

It’s time to check in with another ExPat Diary, and it’s a rather exciting one because I’m introducing a new member of the household. Regular readers may know that when we moved to Australia a little over a year ago I left my two beloved cats with my Mom. I worried that the move and quarantine would be too much for them (they were 16 at the time), and Mom graciously offered to take them. They have settled in surprisingly well, and Mom seems to really enjoy having them around. Knowing that they are in good hands has made things much easier, but I still miss those guys like crazy…

Gratuitous cat pic! I owe these two so many cuddles

Of course, once we moved here and settled in, Alex began pining away for a little critter of his own. He’s a dog person, and so he promptly began researching breeds and selling me on the idea. It was a year long sales process…but I finally relented.

And this brings us to Luna, our new little Havanese puppy. Luna has a big personality and a diverse set of interests which including napping, getting treats, walking to the park, picking up sticks that are way too big for her and trying not to have accidents in the house. She’s also very, very fond of my shoes. And my socks.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of Luna as she starts to have more Australia adventures of her own. For now, here are some pictures of the little miss in action. 4 months old and completely ruling the roost over here in Oz…

Hello Luna!

Sunbathing, a favorite activity

Playing with her favorite friend, the lion known as Wubba

Out on the town impersonating the crocodile in the window

Enjoying a little quiet time in her bed

Showing off the big stick she found on her walk

#1 favorite activity: napping with Alex

Mastering the stairs

Puppy jail!


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