Adventuring Sydneyside: Balmoral Beach

Well friends, today we are visiting one of many beautiful beaches in Sydney. You know, in all of my years in Boston I never made it to the beaches there very much. They were certainly accessible, but the water was always so cold and it seemed there was always something else to do. Of course, now that I live so close to spectacular beaches, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to visit them more often.

On the urging of a few friends, I decided to check out Balmoral Beach, which isn’t too far from our new place. Despite the fact that one must hike up a huge hill (ummm…mountain?) to get back, Balmoral Beach is totally worth the uphill climb. It was still a bit cold to go swimming, but the views more than made up for the chilly water. Here are a few shots from an afternoon at Balmoral Beach – I’m sure there will be many more to come this summer.

For even more pictures of beautiful Balmoral Beach, please visit my Flickr.


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