Snapshot/Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This week’s Snapshot comes all the way from Seattle. I was there a few years back for work, and this is one of only a couple of shots I managed to take on the trip. That’s certainly not enough for a whole Seattle-themed post, but just enough to show you one that I managed to captured while there. As you may have guessed, the theme this week happens to be silhouette, and my silhouette is the Hammering Man:

Seattle’s Hammering Man is 48 feet tall and stands in front of the Seattle Art Museum. You can actually find these hammering men in cities all over the world (Frankfurt, Seoul, and NYC to name a few), diligently celebrating the worker in all of us. According to the artist, Jonathan Borofsky, “My goal is to have several different Hammering Men placed around the world-all working simultaneously…It’s a concept which helps to connect all of us together and also gives each specific Hammering Man site the potential for its own personal interpretations.” source


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