Snapshot/Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I thought I’d revive my ‘Snapshots’ and take an opportunity to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s a nice way to showcase some of my favorite photos that might not otherwise make their way on to the blog, plus, once I saw the theme for this week – Big, I knew just which photo I’d use:

The Big Merino!

Several months ago, Alex and I took a weekend road trip to Canberra to check out Australia’s capital. On the way back we thought we’d stop off for a quick coffee and who should we run into but The Big Merino. He’s is a 15.2 meter high (49.8 foot) stud ram that stands proudly as a monument to Australia’s fine wool industry.

Pretty stately, no?

The Big Merino houses a gift shop and an Australian Wool Innovation exhibition, and if you’d like to see it for yourself, its located just off the expressway on Hume Street in Goulburn.

One last parting shot: the Big Merino from behind. Oh my!


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