Adventuring Australia: Congrats to the Sydney Swans!

Well, it’s October again, and that means that all of my extra attention is now focused on the Cardinals in their wildcard bid to make it 12 in ’12.

A kiss for good luck – GO CARDS!

However, even though its not baseball, I do have to give some attention to the Sydney Swans who won their 5th Premiership at the AFL Grand Final last week. Now I’m not going to pretend I know anything about footy or that I watched the match or, for that matter, that I even understand what anything in that previous sentence meant. However, I have always believed that you should support sports teams that play in the town you’re currently living in (unless you happen to be a baseball fan relocating to the north side of Chicago…). Anyway, to throw some some of that support behind the Swans, I headed up to Town Hall today and watched a bit of their victory parade through town. Good on ya, Swans. I’m proud of you, and I might even spend the off season trying to figure out how footy works so I can be a proper fan next year.


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