Adventuring Australia: Into the wild at Taronga Zoo

As a kid, there wasn’t much I enjoyed more than going to the St. Louis Zoo. It is, by all accounts, one of the best out there, and it certainly fostered in me a love of animals and an interesting habit of visiting local zoos on my travels. You can probably see where this is going…any zoo in Sydney is going to be on my must see list. There are actually a couple right in the area, but the most extensive and scenic has to be Taronga Zoo in Mosman.

The view heading up to the zoo

Taronga Zoo sits just across the Harbour Bridge from the CBD, so for city visitors, the ferry is the best way to arrive (besides, who doesn’t want a harbour cruise to start off their zoo experience). Then, you ride to the very top of a massive hill on a gondola lift which gives you a great view of the zoo from above, not to mention the fantastic views of the city. Once you’re on top, you just work your way back down to the entrance, encountering just about every animal you can imagine. If you’re in Sydney, its not a bad way to spend a day (or a night), or, you can take a look at some of the residents of Taronga Zoo below:

Sleeping Koala

How ’bout a kiss? No?

These giraffes have one of the best views in the city

Clearly this guy is the king of the zoo

Nap time

Swinging monkey

White tiger


Mountain goat friend

Red Kangaroo

More creatures great and small await you here!


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