Adventuring Abroad: A trip through London just in time for the Olympics

Guess what, friends – this Friday marks the start of the Olympics! How excited are you?? Okay, okay I know that in a post a few weeks back I divulged that I typically don’t get too caught up in the games. I hope that didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits, but it’s true – sort of. I started thinking about it more and realized that there are a few things that I have enjoyed about the Olympics:

1. Ice skating at the Winter Games

2. The 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team (seriously, for a kid who was not into basketball, I was obsessed with the whole Dream Team thing. I remember watching every game right up until they won the gold – and then never watched another basketball game again).

1992 > 2012. Sorry, Kobe.

3. The Opening Ceremony!

Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for the Olympic opening ceremony. That’s partly because I just love the pomp and circumstance, but also because they usually put on a pretty entertaining display centered around the host’s culture and history. For example, take a look at the highlights from Sydney’s 2000 Olympics Opening Ceremony:

Sydney sure put on an impressive show, and I’m excited to see what London will be putting on for their opener. It got me thinking about how exciting it must be to live in a host city during the Olympics. Sure the extra traffic and security must be a nightmare, but still, it must be cool to get to show off your city to a worldwide audience. There is certainly a lot to see in London, and I couldn’t think of a better way to usher in the summer games of the XXX Olympiad than by taking you directly to the streets of London from a trip to the ‘other side of the pond’ that Alex and I took not long ago. Cheerio!

“Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben…

and there’s Parliament… again”


Westminster Abbey

The London Eye

Queen Anne Statue outside St Paul’s Cathedral

The Gherkin

Buckingham Palace at dusk

London Bridge

Oh come on, we had to have fish n’ chips!

A rare Marlana shot (I’m usually the one holding the camera) in front of a red phone box

For even more London, please visit me over at Flickr – and enjoy the games (Go USA…and Australia!)


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