Adventuring Abroad: The Nekomaru Cat Cafe in Tokyo

We leave Hong Kong and head for Tokyo now, but I figured I’d give you a break from all of the skyscrapers and temples and turn the attention to something a bit more adorable: cats. As you may know, I absolutely love cats and since having to leave my guys back at home when I moved to Australia, I’ve been feeling a bit cat deprived (i.e. I MISS MY CATS!!!!!)

The boys are enjoying retirement in St. Louis. Here they are posing for some recent ‘glamour’ shots.

So what’s this got to do with Tokyo? Well to give you a bit of backstory, about two months ago I was watching a program on the Travel Channel and they did a segment on ‘cat cafes’ in Tokyo. You see, people love cats in Tokyo but most folks live in buildings that don’t allow pets. Quite sad actually, until some rather industrious souls got the brilliant idea to gather a bunch of cats together and let people come play with them. Thus the cat cafe (and quite possibly my perfect job) was born.

This looks like an unassuming building in Ueno…but the 8th floor houses many feline friends

As much as there was to see in Tokyo, I couldn’t miss going to one of these. There are a few throughout the city but we went to the Nekomaru Cafe in Ueno. It’s actually pretty easy to miss – but if you look closely at the picture above, you’ll see that one of those signs has kitties on it which let us know we were getting close. It looks like a regular office building right up until the elevator doors open on the 8th floor…then its all about the kitties.

Kitties and kitty friends everywhere

There were all kinds of kitties hanging out at the cafe. They all seemed to get along, had tons of toys, never seemed to want for attention, and even had a back room to retreat to if they needed a little private time away from all of the visitors. There was tons of cat related stuff you could buy (from purses to pillows), but, of course, the kitties were the main attraction – and there were all kinds at Nekomaru:

Everybody had their own bio, allowing visitors to familiarize themselves with each kitty’s essential information.

The Kittens: there were several kittens at Nekomaru, all bouncing around with tons of energy and interest in any and all visitors who wanted to play with them.

The Snoozer: as you can imagine, several of Nekomaru’s cats were in the midst of a cat nap during my visit. The proprietors ask that you not wake sleeping cats – they need their beauty sleep after all…

The Contemplative Kitty: here is one of Nekomaru’s more introspective cats meditating on deep philosophical issues.

The ‘If It Fits I Sits’ Kitty: self-explanatory. He didn’t move from that bowl the whole time we were there.

The Lookout Kitty: This guy managed to find himself the highest point in the cafe, and spent our whole visit surveying the action below.

The Poser Kitty: This adorable kitty spent our whole visit striking poses on that little table.

So that’s your virtual visit of a real life cat cafe. It really was a fun place to visit, and seems like a win/win since the cats have a never ending supply of people to play with them, and the humans always have a feline friend to cuddle with when they need one. It did make me miss my boys back in St. Louis a little more, but hopefully they won’t be too jealous that I visited this place.  Now I just need to figure out how to open a cat cafe of my own here in Sydney. 😉

For even more Tokyo Cat fun, head over to Flickr!


6 thoughts on “Adventuring Abroad: The Nekomaru Cat Cafe in Tokyo

  1. What a neat place! I recently made a joke to my fiance that I wanted to start a “Kitty Coffee Shop” that allowed cats inside, but it looks like Japan is one step ahead of me…

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, this place was really cool, though I think any place that allows cats inside is automatically amazing. ‘Kitty Coffee Shop’ sounds pretty amazing as well – cats & coffee, what more does anybody need? 😉

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