Adventuring Abroad: The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong

As we continue our adventure through Hong Kong, we come to the Wong Tai Sin Temple in New Kowloon. This temple, which bursts with color and rich detail, is another important religious center that seems to draw just as many tourists as it does worshipers. It’s positioned right in the middle of a bustling area, but once you are inside the complex it is easy to forget that you are in the midst of a crowded city.

The temple is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, or the Great Immortal Wong and has roots that go back as far as 1915 (though many of the structures felt much newer).  As you walk in to the complex, you come upon a long row of fortune tellers who make predictions through the use of Chim, or bamboo prediction sticks.

The main temple area is thick with incense smoke and filled with locals in the midst of prayer. The Good Wish Gardens are just behind the main temple, and feature colorful pavilions, archways, Koi fish ponds, and even a turtle or two. The Nine Dragon Wall is near the opposite garden entrance, and was modeled after one in Beijing.

I’ve seen the Wong Tai Sin Temple described many times as Hong Kong’s most popular temple – and it certainly is a must see if you plan to visit. To give you a sneak peek of what you’ll find there, here are some snaps I took from our visit. For even more (what can I say, this was a pretty photogenic place) please head over to my Flickr.

Statues in the courtyard

Red tassels

Incense burns in front of the shrine

Side of the main temple area

Lion guardian sculpture

Colorful walkways

Inside the Ancestral Hall

The Good Wish Gardens

Nine Dragon Wall

For many more pictures of the Wong Tai Sin Temple, please head over to Flickr!


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