Adventuring Abroad: Scenes from Hong Kong

Well friends, I am most happy to say that I had another ‘first’ recently: first time in Asia. It was a whirlwind trip through Hong Kong and then onto Tokyo. We took tons of pictures, ate tons of sushi, and I attempted to set a world record for the amount of adorable cat stuff purchased by one person in Tokyo.

Lots of cat stuff for sale in Tokyo. Don’t worry – only a reasonable amount left with me.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting lots of pictures and stories from the trip, but I figured I’d start things off with some images of Hong Kong. For more pictures please head over to Flickr, and watch this space for even more of our adventures in Asia coming soon!

Hong Kong from The Peak

I (heart) HK

HK from the Pearl River

A street near Hollywood Road

Neon lights near Sheung Wan

A little street shrine keeps the bad spirits away

Red Building

Little markets line Sheung Wan selling just about everything

Streetcars are a great way to get around the city, plus, you have to admit they are kind of adorable

Skyscrapers are literally everywhere in HK

Last night in HK under a full moon


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