Adventuring Sydneyside: LEGO bricks on Macquarie!

Several months ago I was sitting at home one Sunday afternoon watching a documentary on LEGOs. It talked all about their history, how they are designed and made, and how people all over the world love LEGOs. Oh, and also how every new LEGO has to fit with each and every LEGO ever made – it’s is a mindboggling amount of bricks.

Anyway, it reminded me of how much I loved LEGOs as a kid, and how much I actually still love LEGOs. This LEGO-love happens to coincide very nicely with all of the LEGO stuff that’s been going on around Sydney over the past few months.

For the 50th anniversary of the LEGO Brick in Australia, Sydneysiders have been enjoying the Festival of Play which is a nine month celebration of all things LEGO.   If you happened to be walking down Macquarie over the past week or so, you might have noticed some LEGO brick art right on the street. If not, here is what you’ve been missing:

For more info on the festival, and on the artists who created these amazing works of brick art, check out the Festival of Play website.


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