Snapshot: It’s a Sign!

Well friends, life in Australia has certainly sped up. After several months of settling into Sydney, Alex and I have started to hit the road again. In the last few weeks we’ve visited Perth, Fremantle, and Canberra. This means that I have tons of pictures and lots of stories – just not enough time to put them together on here…yet!

To tide you over, I thought I’d send out another round of Collections, this time featuring some of my all-time favorite signs from my travels. Some are in their prime, others have seen better days, and there are even a few that have been brought back to life.

And stay tuned for more ExPat goodness to follow shortly. I’ll introduce you to Quokkas, take you inside Parliament, and much, much more!

The Airway sign in St. Louis. This used to be a drive in, now its a shopping center – but thankfully the sign was saved.

A Red Sox sign outside of Fenway in Boston, MA. Sure it graces a parking lot, but its still a good one.

Stanley Photoplays in Pittsburgh, PA – a new favorite thanks to Allison!

Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice Beach, CA

Tiroler Heimatwerk in Innsbruck, Austria

Hotel Westend in Sydney, Australia

The Pageant in The Loop – St. Louis, MO

A very old favorite from my childhood that has seen better days. Car Wash from North St. Louis County.

Hotel New Yorker in NYC

The Garden in Pittsburgh, PA

I can’t help to love this one from LA. Dr. Beauchamp’s penguin!

The Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross, Sydney.

‘Park’ at The Loop in St. Louis

And we’ll end with a landmark, the Citgo sign in Boston, MA


2 thoughts on “Snapshot: It’s a Sign!

  1. The Garden was a porno theater, by the way. 🙂
    My friends and I always joked about going, but never followed through. Now they are classing it up with a sushi/hibachi place. Insert your own jokes about raw fish and weird smells here.

    • Porno theater or not, it has a good lookin’ old sign. Actually, I think I remember you telling me about its history, but somehow I managed to forget that important detail. And now it has a swanky new life as a sushi place – quite fitting. 😉

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