Snapshot: Sunset in Sydney

Since my original post about the Sydney Observatory many months ago, I’ve been back to visit Observatory Hill Park several times. Since it’s a little off the beaten track, it’s always easy to find a peaceful spot to enjoy the fantastic views of Balmain, North Sydney, and The Rocks. I figured it would also be a good spot to catch a sunset, so last Saturday I headed over with camera in hand and did not leave disappointed. So, without further adieu, enjoy a perfect autumn sunset in Sydney:

The view from the park looking west to Balmain

It didn’t take long for the blue to start fading to orange

Red clouds

Just about to dip below the horizon

Fiery red and orange

The reds turn to purple

And finally…hello moon!

For a few more shots of the sunset shots, head over to Flickr!


2 thoughts on “Snapshot: Sunset in Sydney

  1. I find that the sunsets in Aus are absolutely stunning – more so than I remember in North America or anywhere I’ve visited. And they change so fast. I occassionally have to go to Bathurst (west side of Blue Mountains) and one day was trying to take (horrible) photos on my phone to post to facebook the sunset I was watching…all I could caption the pics as were ‘here is what i was seeing a minute ago’ because by the time I took it and posted it, the sky had changed so much!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I can’t think of another place I’ve visited where the sunsets are as beautiful. I can’t think of anywhere that really comes close, actually. And you’re right, the sun goes down so fast here – look away for a minute and you’ve missed a lot!

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