Adventuring Sydneyside: Opera on Sydney Harbour

You’re probably wondering what’s up with all of these opera posts lately. The fact is I’ve seen more opera since I’ve been in Sydney than, well, ever. So, to continue on with this fine tradition, Alex and I recently went to see Opera on the Harbour.

The crowd gathers

Opera on the Harbour is held at Mrs Macquarie’s Point in the Royal Botanical Garden on a huge set built over the water. The lights of Sydney and North Sydney are the backdrop, and, of course, great views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are right in the middle.

The stage is set with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop

The performance this year was La Traviata (The Fallen Woman), which included a 9-metre chandelier with Swarovski Elements crystals suspended over the stage.

Close-up on the Chandelier

The production took advantage of its location by including a few extra features. Fireworks lit up the sky during one of the party scenes, and two boats, teaming with lights, dropped cast members off at the docks before the second act.

Two boats approach with performers

The music, costumes, and performers were all wonderful, especially considering that they were performing outdoors on a floating dock.

One last spin around the stage

All in all it was a great performance and we lucked into some wonderful autumn weather which made for a spectacular evening. We’re already looking forward to next years performance!

The final bow


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