Adventuring Sydneyside: The ANZAC Day Parade

Every April 25th Australia and New Zealand come together to celebrate ANZAC Day, a day to honor the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought a gruelling campaign at Gallipoli during World War I. It’s also a day to honor and thank all of the men and women who serve on behalf of the two nations.

Young and old turned out to watch the parade

One of the highlights here in Sydney is the parade which features current and former service men and woman marching through the streets towards the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park. Thousands of onlookers line the streets to clap, cheer, and wave flags to thank all who have served.

Marching down George Street

ANZAC Day is a national holiday, with events big and small happening all over Australia. Sydney’s events started with a pre-dawn service in Martin Place, and wrapped up with a ceremony at the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park. In between, though, was the parade. Here are some images from the march though the city, under blue skies on a beautiful autumn day.

These veterans were met with applause as they march down the parade route

Members of the Royal Australian Navy, H.M.A.S Success

A member of the Australian Air League

City of Sydney, No. 22 Squadron

Remembering those that couldn't be with us today

Leading the bagpipers

A drummer from the Clan MacLeod Pipe Band


Patiently waiting for their time to march

Pride and honor

For many more pictures of the ANZAC Day festivities, visit Flickr!


7 thoughts on “Adventuring Sydneyside: The ANZAC Day Parade

  1. Hi Marla
    Though our parade here in Wagga was much smaller, it looked very similar. I have to say that compared to what I remember from similar events in Canada, this is a very popular event. And people really value the vets here and honour their sacrifices. As someone whose father served in the Canadian army during WW2, I don’t think I ever appreciated it that much, or think that Canadians in general do. Of course, the second half of the day is very different!

    • It sounds like the Canadian events are similar to those in the U.S., they are usually much smaller and more somber. I thought it was really cool how many people turned out to thank and honor their veterans here, especially the parents that brought in their kids to wave flags and clap for the vets – that was really nice to see. A few of my friends here have said that it wasn’t always this way, but that over the past several years the popularity of ANZAC Day has increased quite a bit.
      As for the second half of the day, well, it looks that that is comprised mostly of beer and two-up. 😉

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