Adventuring Abroad: Tallinn, Estonia

Few places that I’ve visited on my adventures have surprised me as much as Tallinn. Our visit was sandwiched between trips to St. Petersburg and Helsinki, so it’s fair to say that my Tallinn research may not have been as thorough as it could have been. So, though it may have been overlooked in the research, Tallinn very quickly became a highlight of the trip.

Christine & Anh, my adventuring buddies

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, and it sits on the coast of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. While there is a very modern city there (it’s been called ‘Silicon Valley on the Baltic’), the old town feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Entering Tallinn

Part of the Town Wall, one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Europe, dating back to the 14th century.

The Toompea Castle peaks up from behind Kadriorg Palace

Town Hall Square is a tourist magnet, and it is very easy to see why. Old Town in general is colorful, quaint, walkable, and so picturesque that its almost hard to take a bad picture.

Town Hall Square on a gloomy day.

Rooftops of Tallinn

A Sign in Old Town

A shop in Old Town

Looking down a side street

Our day in Tallinn was gloomy and rainy, but aside from some raindrops on the camera lens, it really only added to the ambiance. We quickly realized that our short day there wouldn’t give us enough time to see everything, which resulted in a mad dash through the streets to see as much as we could.

The little door became one of my favorite shots of the day

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


So, the moral of the story is here is that you shouldn’t judge a place before you get there – you might just fall in love with a city you didn’t expect to. The other moral: if you find yourself in the Baltics, don’t miss Tallinn! And if this isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps this meat pancake will (a very strong contender for the best meal on the trip!)

Best lunch ever: Meat Pancake!

More Tallinn pics over at Flickr!


2 thoughts on “Adventuring Abroad: Tallinn, Estonia

  1. hey! as an old lover of Estonia, I envy you so very much for your trip! Great pics, it makes me wanna go back so badly!
    If you ever go back (or if ye still there) make sure to spend a visit to the “olde hansa” restaurant, just around from the main town square. Food and atmosphere from the middle ages – truely unique!

    • Thanks for reading! I really want to go back to Estonia as well. There were so many things that I missed seeing, so I’d love to have a lot more time to explore Tallinn and beyond. When I do make it back, I will be sure to visit the Olde Hansa restaurant – it sounds like a great experience. 🙂

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