Adventuring Sydneyside: The Museum of Contemporary Art is back

Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art has been on my ‘to-do’ list since I arrived here back in October. I’ve had to wait patiently, though, because the museum has been closed for a huge redevelopment project. Well, the grand re-opening has finally arrived…and  yes, it was worth the wait.

The original front entrance of the MCA which overlooks Circular Quay

Just above the new MCA entrance

"...Forgotten Place of Docks and Ships". This artwork commemorates the historic docks that lie just under the new building.

It is impossible to put into words how awesome the collections of art are in the MCA. It is absolutely worth a stroll through if you find yourself with a few free hours in Sydney. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite pieces with you. Enjoy!

Gordon Bennett - Untitled

Tatuso Miyajima - Death Clock

Rosalie Gascoigne - Tiger Tiger

Esme Timbery - Shellworked Slippers

I missed the artist information for this one, but I love these posters

For more information on these and all of the exhibits at the MCA, visit them here.


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