Adventuring Sydneyside: Happy Birthday, Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Today the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates a birthday! ‘The Coathanger’, as she’s nicknamed, turns 80 today – and she is as busy as ever.

The Bridge under construction

The bridge spans Sydney Harbour and carries loads of people: from pedestrians,  to motorists, bicyclists, and train passengers between North Sydney and the CBD. The bridge opened officially in 1932 and still stands as the world’s widest long-span bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge sits across the harbour from another famous landmark: The Opera House

The southern end of the bridge is located in The Rocks, with great views from Circular Quay – though if you pay attention you can see bits of the bridge from many places throughout the city. The northern end of the bridge is located in North Sydney at Milson’s Point, right near another popular destination:

A glimpse of the bridge from Luna Park

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has become a destination in its own right, hosting a couple of  tourist activities for those who want a different view of Sydney. You can climb the 200 stairs of the South Pylon for a spectacular view of the city with three levels of exhibitions on your way up. Or, for the thrill seekers, you can do the Harbour Bridge Climb, which takes you right to the center of the Coathanger, for what has to be the best view in the city.

Harbour Bridge climbers reach the peak

Those little specs are bridge climbers making their way back down.

The activity isn’t just on top of the bridge – Sydney Harbour is always busy with boats of all kinds traversing the Harbour. In fact, the best view of the bridge itself might just be from one of Sydney’s many ferries.

Passing underneath

Ferries pass the bridge on their way back to Circular Quay

Though the Opera House gets much of the press as Sydney’s best known landmark, I have to admit that the Harbour Bridge is actually my favorite. So, happy birthday Sydney Harbour Bridge – and here’s to 80 more!


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