The ExPat Diary: A Day at Manly Beach

Not to complain, but it’s not been the best summer here in Sydney. I know I’m not going to get much sympathy from my friends currently enduring winter in New England, but facts are facts: it rained on more than 45 days this summer. Not to mention the fact that the temperature should be in the 90’s, but has been struggling to stay in the 70’s most days. I’m told we can blame La Niña for this…

Ahhh yes, summer in the city!

My Australian friends are pretty fed up with this rainy weather too. They insist that this weather is unusual and that Sydney is normally fantastic in the summer. So when Alex and I found out that we had a rare sunny Sunday coming up we decided to find out what a ‘normal’ summer day in Sydney is like.

Sydney summer day = BEACH DAY!!

There are two pretty famous beaches within a stones throw of Sydney: Manly Beach and Bondi Beach. On this particular day we opted for Manly mostly because getting there included a ferry ride around Sydney Harbour. It’s a quick 25 minute ride to the beach with the added perk of seeing several Sydney sights along the way.

The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and a giant cruise ship heading out of Sydney Harbour

The Sydney skyline from the ferry

We weren’t the only ones who had the bright idea to head to the beach that day (plus it just so happened to be the last day of the Australian Open of Surfing), so the beach was pretty busy.

Manly Beach

Even though it was a beautiful day, it wasn't hard to stake out a bit of real estate by the water

Of course, there were plenty of surfers

Seriously, surfers everywhere!

And just a hint of danger....

After getting our fill of sun on the beach, Alex and I got some much-needed ice cream and walked around The Corso before heading back to the ferry.

The Corso features some seriously beautiful old buildings

and a street market

And back to the wharf again

After so much rain (its raining again as I write this), a sunny day on the beach felt like a full-fledged vacation, but with the added benefit of being in our own back yard. The best part is that, I finally got a taste of what summer is really like in Sydney – just in time for Autumn to arrive. 😉

For more Manly Beach pics, surf on over to Flickr!


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