Adventuring Sydneyside: In Between Two Worlds

One of my favorite things about Sydney is that there is art just about everywhere. Chinatown has one of the best examples of this with the In Between Two Worlds installation on Kimber Lane.

In Between Two Worlds on Kimber Lane

Spirit figures dangle from above

Close up of a spirit figure

It’s fairly unassuming by day, with just a few of the spirit figures peeking out onto busy Hay Street. If you turn down Kimber Lane, however, you’ll find many more of the figures suspended above the blue clouds that cover the buildings and street.

Clouds on the buildings

Clouds on the street too

By night the scene changes again as the spirit figures glow blue, giving the whole street a ethereal feel. The figures are meant to represent our past, present, and future ancestors.

Kimber Lane at night with glowing spirit figures

Glowing figures

Glowing clouds

In Between Two Worlds was created by Asian-Aboriginal artist Jason Wing as part of the upgrade to Kimber Lane. For more information about the artist, click here.

Spirit figures peek out onto the street

For a few more In Between Two World shots, head over to Flickr!


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