Adventuring Sydneyside: Opera in the Domain

Alex and I made a few individual New Year’s resolutions for 2012, but our joint resolution is to be better about budgeting. And when I say ‘to be better’, what I really mean is to ‘create a budget and actually stick with it’. Needless to say it’s a process, but we have a whole year to get it right, right?

A small but important part of this budget is to throw all of our change into a bucket. It adds up quickly with the $1 and $2 coins. Above: Alex has begun to obsessively organize change into neat piles...again...

Naturally we have been stalking all of the free events here in Sydney maximize our budgeting and to try and remain somewhat entertained. That’s how we found our latest ‘free’ adventure: Opera in the Domain.

We happened to see a rainbow on the way over to The Domain

The Domain surrounds the Royal Botanical Gardens and is used for a myriad of open air concerts and events including Opera in the Domain. This year featured a performance of Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers).

Crowds gather in The Domain. Many people brought a picnic with them, but there was a variety of food and wine that could be purchased as well.

The Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra performed along with the Opera Australia Chorus and Dancers, and even though we were seated pretty far back we were still able to enjoy the sights and sounds.

I should mention that the dancing was fantastic as well!

For those of us in the 'way back', there were large screens around the stage so that we didn't miss any action.

As somebody who doesn’t know anything about Opera, I absolutely loved this event and even left feeling a little more ‘cultured’ than when I arrived. Alex, on the other hand, grew up with his parents playing operas around the house, so he felt right at home.

Opera in the Domain after night falls. Yes, its as lovely as it looks. (photo source:

The best part of Opera in the Domain was that it attracted a wide range of people young and old, and everyone seemed to be having a lovely evening. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, and are seriously considering cashing in all of that change for actual opera tickets.


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