Snapshot: Collections I

Walking through the city as much as I do, I tend to end up with photographs of things that are cool and interesting, but don’t actually lend themselves to whatever blog entry I happen to be working on at the time.

Never one to waste a good photo, I thought I’d organize these into collections and give you a glimpse of some of the pretty things just hanging around Sydney. This first collection showcases some of the carved and chiseled animals around town.

Griffons near The Domain

A lion stands guard near St. Mary's Cathedral

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac at the Chinese Garden of Friendship

Man and bull at Archibald Fountain

I'm not sure what these guys are, but I like them! They are on the Chard Stairs in Darlinghurst.

Lion at Town Hall

The kangaroo and emu coat of arms

Dragons guard the Chinese Garden of Friendship

More lions near Hyde Park

The lion and unicorn crest (with Queen Victoria seated above) in Martin Place

Head over to Flickr for even more!


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