Adventuring Sydneyside: Chinese New Year Festival 2012

Well friends, Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival has officially kicked off, and we are in for two weeks of food, entertainment, dragons, twilight parades…

Happy lunar new year!

Okay, okay, it’s true that I have been a little overly excited about the Chinese New Year Festival, but to be fair, it will be the most colorful and dragon-filled festival I’ll see all year.

Did somebody say dragon? Why yes, because 2012 is the year of the dragon.

I realized today that for all of the years I lived in Boston, I never made it to any of the Chinese New Year celebrations there (a sad fact that I will rectify at some point). Sydney’s celebration, on the other hand, is hard to miss. Huge banners line the streets, programs and fortune cookies were handed out at the Sydney Festival First Night (the fortune read something to the effect of ‘you will have a good time at the Chinese New Year Festival‘…very clever guys), and they’ve been advertising the festival launch in Martin Place all week.

There was a huge turnout at Belmore Park for the launch...maybe those fortune cookies were right.

The festival runs until February 5th, and includes a ton of activities, entertainment, workshops, tours, food…the list goes on and on. I’m particularly looking forward to the Twilight Parade on January 29th as I understand there will be more dragons.

I am obsessed with these guys!

In the meantime, enjoy a few more shots of the Chinese New Year Festival launch, and for even more, head over to Flickr!

Tons of food vendors lined the park, and the large crowds kept these guys on their feet

Lanterns hung from trees all over the park

Folks waiting their turn to pray to the God of Wealth

The dragons unmasked. These guys were amazing!


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