Adventuring Sydneyside Neighborhoods: Chinatown and the Chinese Garden of Friendship

So, Sydney’s Chinese New Year festival is coming up later this month. The festival features a packed schedule of entertainment, arts, food, lion dances, dragon boat races, twilight parades and much more. Perhaps you can sense my excitement. Anyway, since scenes from the festival will no doubt make it to these pages, I figured I’d take you through Sydney’s Chinatown to give you a glimpse of the festival’s backdrop.

Actually, ‘Chinatown’ is a bit of a misnomer. The area is part of the Haymarket area on the Sydney’s southern end.

The gates of Sydney's Chinatown

As the name suggests, Haymarket was named for the produce markets that once operated in the area. Today’s Haymarket features modern shops and Paddy’s Market, a huge marketplace where you can buy just about everything: clothing, souvenirs, flowers, jewelry and more. There is even a stall that sells Japanese swords, and another that sells NHL jerseys – you really can find anything here!

The old Vegetable Market is now Paddy's Market

Of course, as is true in most Chinatowns, you can get some pretty delicious food as well.

There are several delicious bakeries right in the heart of Chinatown

Vegetable Laksa Soup is a favorite!

Chinatown is often bustling, so since we’re in the neighborhood, I thought I’d take you over to one of the most serene places in the city. Just next door in Darling Harbour is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The Gardens were designed by Sydney’s Chinese sister city Guangzhou and feature waterfalls, pavilions and even a restaurant.  It’s a great way to unwind after bargain shopping over at Paddy’s Market!

The Chinese Garden of Friendship

Chinese lantern


It's easy to forget there is a big city just outside of the gardens

And, of course, there are flowers

For more shots of Chinatown and the Chinese Garden of Friendship, click the links to head over to Flickr!


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