Snapshot: New Year’s Day in Venice Beach

Happy New Year, everyone! Alex and I celebrated our holidays with a breakneck-speed tour of the States, visiting family and friends in Boston and St. Louis before heading home. One thing about our trips home, no matter how long or short they happen to be, is that they always begin and end in L.A., which I find very fortunate because one of my favorite people, Melissa, just happens to live there.

Our beautiful hosts Melissa and Kendall.

After several days of rushing around delivering holiday cheer (and Aussie inspired Christmas gifts), Alex and I were dead on our feet and staring down a 10 hour layover in L.A. before jumping on the 14 hour flight back to Australia. As they always do, Melissa and Kendall came to the rescue, picking us up from the airport and taking us to Venice Beach for a relaxing New Year’s Day full of people watching and a gorgeous sunset. It was a big contrast to the chilly New Year’s Eve we spent in Boston, and the perfect way to ease back into the Australian summer we were met with in Sydney.

Venice Beach

We obviously weren't the only ones with this brilliant idea, the beach was packed!

A few sailboats add to the beautiful scenery

It was a great day for kite flying

And the sun begins to set

and quickly disappears

A quick toast to 2012 with great friends before heading to the airport

2011 was on of those years with changes at every turn. They weren’t always pleasant or easy, but somehow I think everything turned out just as it should be. Alex and I started the year as Bostonians and finished it as Sydneysiders, a fact that we are still wrapping our heads around. We feel incredibly fortunate for 2011, and are excited to see what 2012 brings.

For a few more shots of beautiful Venice Beach, head over to Flickr!


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