Snapshot: The David Jones Christmas windows

Let me preface this entry by saying that it is a little strange to write about a department store. They are pretty much everywhere, and if you’re in a major city you typically have a pretty decent one nearby. But I wanted to tell you about one of Australia’s high-end department stores, David Jones, just so you could see their adorable Christmas spirit.

No you sillies, not this David Jones!

David Jones is very much like a Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus. Beautiful clothes, shoes, cosmetics…everything that makes a gal happy and her wallet sad. David Jones has all of that stuff, but their Christmas windows are what I’ll draw your attention to today.

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

The windows are whimsical, detailed, and full of movement. Not only that, but they are accompanied by Christmas music to help get you in the holiday spirit. Rather than try to explain them to you, enjoy a few shots (sorry for the glare on these pics):

Close up on Christmas Moose


Away in a manger

"We Three Kings"

This little guy came with the Kings

"Twelve Days of Christmas" (and snoozing Santa)


"Little Drummer Boy"

More Sheep!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Snapshot: The David Jones Christmas windows

  1. Well, when you said David Jones was not referring to one of the Monkees, I wasn’t interested any longer. Na. Just kidding. Beautiful pictures, my dear. Those windows bring back memories of my childhood when going to downtown St. Louis to see the Christmas windows at Famous-Barr was a major highlight in my Christmas each year. Yep. Those were the days.

    • I know! I always think of The Monkees when I pass by! I have to say, I miss Famous Barr. Macy’s is just not the same. I don’t think I ever saw the Christmas windows there, but I do remember the restaurant. Mom still talks about their French Onion Soup!

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