Adventuring Sydneyside: The Lights of Christmas at St. Mary’s Cathedral

I pass by the beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral on my daily walks to and from work. It sits right next to the equally lovely Hyde Park and together they make up the most picturesque commute I have ever had.

The south entrance to St. Mary's Cathedral in the daytime

It’s been pretty obvious over the past week or so that the folks at St. Mary’s were setting up for something big. I figured it had something to do with Christmas and kept making mental notes to find out exactly what was going on…and then I’d promptly forget those mental notes. Typical!

Anyway, lucky for me, I happened to see an advertisement yesterday for ‘The Lights of Christmas’ which looked to be a lightshow projected on to the main entrance of St. Mary’s. I thought it might be kind of interesting, so I grabbed Alex and we walked over to check it out.

The facade of St. Mary's is transformed with lights

I’m so glad we did! This lightshow is spectacular. It’s a 15 minute program of lights, accompanied by music, projected on the south entrance of the Cathedral. Doves fly in and perch, a seedling sprouts and grows into a full tree, vines grow, flowers bloom, and the whole facade of the church is changed to festive colors and patterns. It really is something to see.

Pretty blurry, but you can just make out the projection booth and (of course) lots of lights

Sadly, these pictures do not do it justice – plus, all of the movement is one of the coolest parts of the show. I’ve posted a few videos below to give you a better idea of what The Lights of Christmas is all about.  If you’re near Sydney, you really should see it in person though. The Lights of Christmas runs through the 25th, nightly from 8:30 to Midnight. There is also a second set of projections over at Town Hall. Enjoy!

More Lights of Christmas videos over at MustBeWanderlust’s brand new YouTube channel!


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