Adventuring Sydneyside Neighborhoods: The Rocks, Sydney

Sydney is called the ‘city of villages’, and the more I explore the more I realize how unique and diverse the different neighborhoods are. As Alex and I began our apartment search we had no shortage of advice and opinions on the different neighborhoods in the metro area. The one thing that everyone agreed on is that each neighborhood had its own personality, and it was best to explore as many as possible. That sounded like good advice to me, and I thought I’d take you along for the ride. We’ll start where the first European settlers did: The Rocks.

The Rocks

The area is named for the local sandstone, and many of the beautiful older buildings in the city are built from those rocks. Today The Rocks is very popular with the tourist crowd, boasting attractions including The Opera House, The Royal Botanical Gardens, and The Observatory as well as breathtaking views of the harbour and the Harbour Bridge. The Rocks is also home to Circular Quay, an important transportation hub and home to some very lovely ferry rides.

The Sydney Opera House calls The Rocks 'home'

The Rocks has always been a popular area, but not always with the most upstanding crowd. I think my Sydney guidebook said it best: “It was a seedy place, where sailors, whalers and rapscallions boozed and brawled shamelessly in countless harbourside pubs.”

If these walls could talk: I'm sure the Fortune of War, Sydney's oldest pub, would have some fantastic stories to tell.

Though it is often overcrowded, The Rocks really is a must see if only for the Opera House (though I promise that you’ll want to see more). Here are several shots from a walk through The Rocks on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

You'll find many aboriginal musicians performing near Circular Quay

The Rocks Village Bizarre features a crafts market and performers.

Strolling down George Street. Many of the charming old buildings are now local shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Cadman's Cottage is the oldest home in Sydney, dating back to 1816.

View of The Rocks and the Harbour Bridge from Observatory Park

These beautiful brick buildings are now home to art galleries, among other things.

A view towards North Sydney: the tops of lovely old terraces.

Another terrace peaks out from behind these flowers

Police Station. This was once the site of the first central hospital in Australia, dating back to 1788

Even though its in the city, the area (and most of Sydney) is very lush and green

I leave you with one last shot of the Opera House. The ferry on the left is heading into Circular Quay

Head over to Flickr for more of The Rocks!


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