The ExPat Diary: Australian Lingo Lesson 2

G’day mates! So my Australian vocabulary continues to develop and that means it is time for another installment of your Australian Lingo Lesson. How have you incorporated the last vocabulary lesson into your everyday speak? Have you ‘verballed’ anyone? Perhaps you’ve asked someone for their ‘mobile’ number or had to change a ‘nappy’. One thing is for sure: you are ready for some new words, and you’re in luck. Enjoy (and yes, you will be quizzed on this…)!

G’day – hi

Arvo – afternoon

Brekky – breakfast

You can get a good brekky at Hungry Jack’s, which is what they call Burger King here.

Have a think – think about it

Heaps – lots

Petrol – gasoline

Queue – line

Australians love to queue!

Footy – Football (This kind of football)

Serve – serving (as in “daily ‘serve’ of vegetables” — they do the same thing with ‘cover’ instead of ‘coverage’, as in “Up to $1 million life cover depending on your age”. Sounds a bit weird)

Alrighty, now you have a whole new set of words to try out on unsuspecting loved ones. But just in case you need a little practice, you can test your knowledge below:

ACROSS: 2. Before evening 6. Bring this to avoid rain 7. Hi 10. Consider this 12. Easier when you have patience 13. You’ll get lots on your birthday DOWN: 1. Not the same sport as in the States 3. Use this to phone home 4. Your sandwich comes with a ______ of bacon 5. Kids love these 6. Eggs and bacon 8. A favorite of babies everywhere 9. Oops! 11. Your portion

Stay tuned for more lingo!


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