Adventuring Stateside: Bellefontaine Cemetery in Saint Louis

Well folks, its late October. The Fall Classic is on TV, there is a chill in the air, and the best part of October, Halloween, is only a few days away. Of course, being in Sydney, the Fall Classic is happening half a world away, the early morning chill is giving way to a lovely spring day, and as for Halloween, well, it’s no big deal here.

Baseball is also not a big deal in Australia, but it is a seriously big deal in my apartment where I am watching my beloved Cardinals play in game 7 of the World Series. Go Cards!

Anyhoo, it’s shocking, I know. But according to my new Aussie friends Halloween generally isn’t a big deal in Australia. I can’t really understand this. Why would anyone pass up an excuse to dress in costumes, consume too much candy and scare each other silly? It simply makes no sense.

So, in an effort to conjure some ghosts and goblins Down Under, I’ve gone back through the photo archives and will be posting some Halloween-inspired posts to send a chill down your spine. Candy not included.

First up, we take a walk through one of St. Louis’ oldest and most famous burial grounds: Bellefontaine Cemetery.  Bellefontaine is home to many of St. Louis’ most predominant members of society. Explorers, authors, aviators, and even beer barons are buried here. Bellefontaine is also home to many who perished in the cholera epidemic.

So, on a rainy Saturday morning Allison and I set out to see the sights of Bellefontaine: rolling hills, beautiful mausoleums, and maybe even a ghost or two…

An uprooted tree, an example of the aftermath of recent tornados.

William Clark, half of the famed Lewis & Clark

These guys were clearly trying to get into the Halloween spirit too

The final resting place of a riverboat pilot?

The Busch Family mausoleum. It's very likely you've had one of their beers...

Fox? Lion? Who knows, but you'll find interesting stone animals all over the grounds.

I leave you with a most spooky shot. Happy Halloween!

For a few more spooky shots of Bellefontaine Cemetery, head over to Flickr!


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