Guest Adventures: What I miss most about Kansas City by Marla

Regardless of how much I love or don’t-love-so-much Kansas City at any given time, one thing I will always miss when away from this city is its food.  And there are so many great places to get so much really good food …

Pad Thai at Red Snapper, pork tenderloin sandwich (no cheese, with horseradish) at Governor Stumpy’s or Jack Gage, Carolina BBQ brisket on toasted Texas toast at Oklahoma Joe’s, slab o’ribs at LC’s, biscuits ‘n gravy with chicken friend chicken at Gomer’s, anything at Chelly’s, Highway Special (sub Italian sausage for mushrooms, please) pizza with a Boulevard Pale Ale at Pizza 51, medium-rare 16 ounce burger at the Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill … and lots more.

What would be my favorite?  My favorite is also the old stand-by, cooking out with my cool neighbors.  Swing over to McGonigle’s or any grocery store/super market and pick up any cut of beef and a couple packages of Johnville stadium brats and ask your neighbor to grill out with you.  This is what I miss most about Kansas City.  Those are the best times.

It’s no surprise that Midwesterns know how to cook; but what we do best in Kansas City is barbeque.  There’s nothing like it, and not just the sauce but the method and the whole experience about it.  In the summer time you can smell the smokers and grills as you drive through the neighborhoods, and in the fall Kansas City hosts the world-famous American Royal barbeque competition that brings in grillers and ‘Que’ers from all over the country.  And no matter what, when in doubt always order the beef (no more than medium) when in Kansas City.  It will be like nothing you’ve ever tasted in our life!

Other than that, any of the restaurants up there will win you over the first time – they sure do know how to cook in Kansas City!  Bon appetite!

Guest blogger, Marla Thomson is a native of Kansas City and blogs regularly at There’s Always a Way …”


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