Adventuring Stateside: Crown Candy Kitchen in North St. Louis

It’s no real secret that I love St. Louis. When pressed about what I love most about St. Louis, however, I have a bit of trouble. There is so much here to do and see, it’s nearly impossible to pick one thing. Having some time to kick around the city before leaving for Sydney, I’ve been able to visit some of my favorite places, and judging by the fact that this is my first official St. Louis post, it looks like Crown’s just may be my favorite thing here.

Crown Candy Kitchen

Crown Candy Kitchen is an old-fashioned soda fountain in North St. Louis that has been churning out the best malts since 1913, and if you’ve watched Man Vs. Food, you’ll know that the malts are not only legendary – but they will most likely kick your ass when challenged. If you can drink 5 malts in 30 minutes, you win. In the nearly hundred year history of Crown’s, only 30 folks have ever finished the challenge.

Behold the chocolate/banana malt. It's heavenly, but one is enough for me!

As kids, my godfather took us here all the time. He knew the owners, so we were treated to a behind the scenes tour which included picking out a piece of chocolate from the trays in the back.

Crown's soda-fountain atmosphere

These days I’m just a regular customer, but I still swing by every time I’m in town for a chocolate/banana malt and the best BLT ever.


So if you find yourself in St. Louis, make it your business to swing by Crown’s. It’s a little hidden treasure in the city, but one that has been making St. Louisans very happy for a long time.

For more pics of Crown’s, visit Flickr!


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