Adventuring Stateside: Hilton Head, South Carolina

As previously discussed, I’ve been blessed/cursed with lots o’ corporate travel. The time spent at each location varies, and many times as a trip winds down I’m thinking: “howfastcanIgetthehellouttahere?”. What can I say, travel isn’t quite as fun when the threat of a PowerPoint Presentation is ever present.

Every so often though, I’d end up in resort-y type places, and the pressure to get home isn’t quite as strong. Hilton Head, South Carolina is one such spot that I would have been most happy to spend another day or two exploring.

The lighthouse at Harbour Town Marina

Coming from Boston, my idea of Hilton Head was this:  New England harbor town charm + southern hospitality + warmer weather. I wasn’t too incredibly far off. The scenery was beautiful, there were adorable shops everywhere, and the people were super nice. Almost spooky nice. But then again, coming from the northeast, any kind of nice seems a little like ‘spooky nice’.

View from the Harbour Town Lighthouse

I’ve been to my fair share of resort-type towns, but what surprised me about Hilton Head is the amount of cultural and community events there. Of course you’ll find your fair share of ‘reading a book in a hammock’ activities, but wait, there’s more — Hilton Head boasts a symphony, several museums, arts and festivals for when that hammock gets too boring.

Palm Trees! Don't see many of those in New England....

In between work obligations, I was able to sneak out and snap a few shots of my surroundings, which you can enjoy here. These shots only scratch the surface, but they will no doubt give you a good idea of what you can see in 30 minutes while dashing between PowerPoint infused meetings.

Hello Neptune!


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