The ExPat Diary: On the Road Again

We made it! 1,189 miles through 8 states over two days, but we made it to Saint Louis safe and sound. It was a long drive, but Matt and I managed to have a good time, even if the cats did not.

Just about everything I own, packed in the back of this truck

Driving the big truck was not exactly fun, but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined once I got used to it and braved actually going the speed limit. We had snacks, tunes, and a lot of time to talk, so it was nice brother/sister bonding time and (for some reason) excessive playing of Steely Dan.

A small sampling of our cross-country 'shuffle' playlist

The cats were troopers, but they were more than happy to express their unhappiness with the situation. For the most part they were quiet and napped, though there were a few tense moments and one spectacular cat fight about ten minutes from our destination.

Kashmir surveys the Pennsylvanian landscape

I thought at some point during the drive this whole ‘Australia thing’ would seem a bit more real, and it did in some ways. I got a bit sentimental leaving the apartment for the last time, but not as sentimental about Boston itself, strangely. Honestly, I just felt relieved that the packing was done and we were on the road. And now that the move is over, I can finally get excited about what’s coming without ‘the move’ weighing me down.

Sunset over a farm in Southern Illinois

This drive did made me realize how much I’d like to drive across the U.S. some day. There is so much to see right here, and I’m sure I’ll come back to the States with a whole new appreciation and eagerness to explore.  There are still 13 states I haven’t visited, and I’d love to cross them all off of my list someday.

Matt takes the wheel

As for now, I’ll be exploring St. Louis for the next few days before heading to Australia on Wednesday. I still can’t believe it’s happening so quickly! It seemed like just yesterday Alex and I were talking about the possibility of Australia, and in just a few days we’ll be on our way.

The lights of downtown STL welcome us like fireworks.


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