The ExPat Diary: Oh the logistics of it all

Friends, we are down to the wire. I’ve just finished packing at the speed of light, and aside from a few odds and ends, all of my possessions are haphazardly boxed up. Some boxes say ‘Australia’ and some say ‘St. Louis’. It’s all a little weird. Happily, I’ve been able to go through everything and donate or trash quite a bit, which lightens the load. I’ve also re-discovered things I’d forgotten I had, which is very happy as well.

A happy packing discovery: A-Team trading cards

As you read this I’ll be in a truck with my stuff, my cats, and my brother driving everything to St. Louis. Dad kindly offered to store my stuff, and Mom, of course, is taking care of the cats. It’s all probably a bit more than they bargained for, but too late – no takebacks!!

The route: BOS -> STL via 70 West

I’ll spend a few days in St. Louis getting everything settled before I head to Sydney for ‘new life, part 1’. I’ll spend a few weeks there while Alex gets settled into his new job, and then head back to St. Louis for a few additional weeks of shipping stuff to Australia, visiting with my family and traveling back to Boston to ‘officially’ say goodbye before the adventure starts in earnest. By September 30th, I’ll be a resident of Sydney, Australia.

One pile of stuff getting ready to be moved, including little Bonham

The goodbyes started last week, which is also weird. We all know I’ll be back at some point, but this is a big move and therefore a bit more dramatic I guess. I left my job for good on Friday, but with mixed emotions. I’m exited about the adventure, but sad at what I’m leaving. I’ll miss seeing everybody everyday. I’ll also miss having the anchor of a job to go to – at least until I get settled into Sydney and start working there. The anchor of having good friends around all the time will be missed too. I don’t think I realize how much I’ll miss everyone just yet.

A couple of faces I'm going to miss seeing all the time

So, there you have it! The next few weeks will be crazy, happy, sad, and stressful: the whole range of emotions with some heavy lifting and angry cats thrown into the mix. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sure they look peaceful now, but these guys hate traveling

By the way, has it occurred to anybody else that after 8/25 I’ll be effectively homeless and unemployed?? Oh my…


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