Adventuring Stateside: Boston’s Public Garden

Don’t get me wrong – I love living in the city. In the most practical of senses, you can walk everywhere, never have to wander far to find a great shop or restaurant, and the airport is only a cab ride away. In a more existential sense, there is just an energy here that you don’t find in the suburbs.

My little windowsill garden

That being said, sometimes my suburban roots rear their ugly head and cause me to daydream of yards and gardens and space. It’s a lovely dream, but as much as my windowsill garden is not really ‘cutting it’, the though of moving out of the city still sends a chill down my spine. That’s why one of my favorite places is Boston’s Public Garden.

Beautiful gardens with Boston as a backdrop

It sits on what has to be some of the most valuable land in the city, yet thankfully the land was set aside to be the first botanical gardens in the United States. It’s not my own garden, but walking through here always works in a pinch. Plus, I don’t have to worry about keeping these things alive (a tall order with only a windowsill and sketchy knowledge of all things botanical).

A sampling of the summer flowers

Plus, the variety of plants is more than any one person could put together on their own. From spring to fall, it provides an ever-changing splash of color, statues, swan boats, and a variety of trees making it a great escape during a lunch break or on a walk home from work.

The Swan Boats...and a swan

I’m sure there are developers out there daydreaming of the wonderful luxury housing they could build on this property, but on behalf of all of the windowsill gardeners in Boston, I’m very happy that’s just a dream.

For a few more shots of my favorite spots in the garden, click here!


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