Adventuring Stateside: Welcome to Pittsburgh

I have a friend from Pittsburgh, which means that I have a friend who is hopelessly, head-over-heels in love with Pittsburgh. I’ll be honest, before I met her I didn’t think about Pittsburgh. I was aware of its existence, and that every so often the Cardinals would play the Pirates. And the Pirates, I knew, were from Pittsburgh.

This friend, Allison, invited me to visit. For years, I’d heard of the wonders of this magical place, so I headed over for a personal tour from one of the city’s biggest fans.

I love the yellow bridges

I’m not sure what I expected to find. Aside from Allison, most of what I knew about Pittsburgh was the collapse of the steel industry, and maybe I thought I’d find a city still reeling. What I found was a city doing just fine, supported by a whole different set of industries: education and finance to name a few.  Bars and restaurants were packed, there were people on the streets, and it seemed to be full of young professionals who could probably head for a coast if they wanted to. But they didn’t. Actually, with all due respect to Allison, this city seems to have a lot of fans.

Saying 'the food ain't bad here' is like saying 'the Penguins are an ok hockey team'. Above: the menu at Primantis

I think what strikes me most about Pittsburgh is how passionate the people are. Not just about sports, but about the city itself. Nobody seems to be lamenting the past, they’d rather spend their time making this a really cool place to be. So yeah, Allison, I can see what all the fuss is about. Besides, Pittsburgh gave us Mr. Rogers and Andy Warhol. Enough said.

There is art everywhere you look

Check out the real wonders of the city and the wonder that is my favorite Pittsburgian, Allison at Everything Better Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has awesome quirks, and she leaves no neighborhood undiscovered along with Pedestrian Pittsburgh.

Need more pictures, you’ll find a few on flickr!


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